Albanik your home away from home

The perfect place to unwind, relax and gather new strength and inspiration to continue your “Albanian Adventure”.

Albanik is a renovated and enlarged boutique hotel. Its placement dates back to communist years. The stone floor, originally an agricultural storehouse, was renovated and enlarged with another floor using wooden structure.

The property is surrounded by a lush forest which you can explore following our meditation path along a water current. Birds, squirrels, lizards and bizarre insects add to the charm of this green scenery.

A garden surrounds the edge of the property and its produce and herbs are collected just before integrating them in your dish preparations.

Tucked between forest and hills, at the end of Deshnica Valley, 20 km east of town of Kelcyra, Albanik has much to offer for those yearning for more nature.

Be it hiking around the smooth hills nesting many villages on their heights, trek adventures around the Nëmëçkë-Dhëmbel-Trebeshinë mountain range, or rafting/kayaking along Vjosa River or Osum Canyon, there is some activity for everyone.

About 3 km from Albanik, picnic and swimming is possible in a more chillout setting at a beautiful lake with turquoise waters surrounded by the shading of a black pine forest.

Albanik is a wonderful place full of contrasts. It is where new ideas meet old customs and traditions.

Meet the family

Yoda the cat

Yoda is the youngest member of the family. She is an energetic little creature and cosy too. You’ll find her at times running around the garden and other times asleep by the fire. She is growing into an affectionate cuddle cat and will find your lap the minute you sit down.

Pepper the duck

Our resident duck, Pepper. He spends most of his time scurrying around looking for worms. Lucky for us, Pepper also loves devouring slugs and snails, which makes him into an important defender of the garden. Besides, his poo is extremely fertile and makes many a plant grow tall. A pretty useful member of the family.

The dogs Bani and Neo

Bani and Neo, the mother and son duo. These placid hounds are the welcoming committee of Ferma Albanik, greeting all our guests with their big, enthusiastic tails wagging. They are a very friendly pair, and they make lovely walking companions for your stroll along the river or down to the lake.

Traffic The Cat

Traffic is the oldest member of the family. Scars on his ears and an injured leg allude to an adventurous past. This majestic cat likes his peace and quiet, and is often found sleeping on a chair. On a good day, he’ll allow you a little pet on his head. On an exceptional day, he might even jump on your lap.

Free Wifi

Wifi available in all areas except the trees

Free Bicycles

Bicycles are available to ride around Albenik free of charge.
Mountain bikes can be rented for a fee at a nearby adventure center.


Pet friendly

We welcome everyone who enjoys being outdoors and willing to accept the company of our best little friends: cat, dog, chickens, lizards, no animal is to be afraid of.

Welcome Drink

We like to surprise you with a refreshing drinks. Homemade Syrups, Lemonades, Ice teas and many more, all made with local ingredients.


The Outdoors around here are as inviting as accessible. A total of 47 villages spot the Deshnica Valley offering possibilities to go for hiking, mountain biking, horsebackriding, or on jeep tours.


About 3km from the property there is an enormous freshwater swimming pool, the primary utility of which serves to irrigate the fields below. This turquoise gem garnished with a pine forest, makes a great spot for sunbathing, swimming, and canoeing.