10 things to do




1. Cooking classes

Fatmira that is the main cooker in the farm will teach you some traditional Albanian dishes that you can replay back home and impress your friends and family.


2. Dancing classes

If you like to learn a very simple but yet complicated traditional Albanian Dancing we will introduce you to POGONISHTE, which is a hand to hand dance that will put on value your elegance and charm. You will also listen to a very special polyphonic music from the south.


3. Hiking

Around the farm there are several hiking trails, also registered online. You can choose your trail depending of your physical level and time disposal. You can choose to have a guide with you or explore by your own.


4. Mountain biking

We have several mountain bikes to rent for the riders. They are electrical and not so you can decide to challenge yourself or enjoy the ride. If there is a group that wants to explore longer and deeper into Albanian rural reality, we can organize an equipped explore with 4×4 van and camping tents and picnic material. You need to contact us to create together your perfect experience.


5. Swim in the lake



Around the farm there are several lakes. You can join them by hiking on distance from 30 min to 5 hours walking.


6. Camping in the wild



Sometimes we decide to camp near those lake and enjoy the beautiful view around, swim, fish, camp, pick mushrooms and learn about plants and wild edible plants.


7. Canyoning



There are 2 beautiful rivers that join the main Vjosa River that create magical canyons. We do organized day trips to these canyons, swim into natural swimming pools created by nature so amazingly, and do also natural treatments and skin peelings with argyle.


8. Yoga


You can wake up early and have a yoga session with Elona. She is the owner but also a yoga teacher and she can guide you to a deeper experience inside yourself.


9. Wild nature lessons



The farm surroundings are so rich on flora. We are specialized on medicinal and aromatic plants so you can learn about them, find out how to feed or heal yourself with nature.


10. Helping on the farm works and learning gardening



Depending on the season you are visiting the farm there are different works where you can give us a hand if you like so, like planting seeds, collecting fruits, preparing jams, picking and drying herbs or mushrooms.


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