Poppy flower


Pain relieving, cough suppression, inflammation, relieving diarrhea, and inducing sleep, reduces choresterol.

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Poppy is a flowering plant associated to the Papaveraceae family.

It is a effective remedy in treating Nervous Disorders. It soothes the brain nerves and provides an relaxing effect. It helps in curing insomnia. The presence of Oleic acid makes poppy an effective remedy against cancer. It fait the cancer causing agents and prevents the cells from turning cancerous. It is a good herbal remedy for breast cancer.

It contains Linoleic acid which keeps the heart health. It reduces the risk of heart attack and heart diseases.

Poppy are essential for the growth of new cells. It provides protein to the body that helps in development of the cells.

It promotes urination and useful in expelling kidney stones.

It improves the insulin production and keeps the blood glucose levels balanced.

It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.


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